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As an Artist In Residence 2016 for ImagineCrafts /Tsukineko, I have created this tutorial featuring Creative Medium and other wonderful products to produce a unique and textured design for this MusicBox. My inspiration comes from my childhood when I collected matchboxes from every restaurant I visited. Without matches it was just an empty box but perfect for small rocks, beads, etc. One day while creating unique boxes for jewelry Presto! the idea of a greeting card was born. About 18 years ago I revisited some cards I’d made and thought, what would happen if I dismantled a large matchbox and used it for something other than storage? The answer is a Match Box Music Box. This box is Christmas-themed but these keepsake gifts can be made for any occasion. **This tutorial may seem rather involved, but I guarantee you it’s worth the all the time, the effort and attention to detail.  Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
Time: One Hour + drying timeDIRECTIONS: 1…


Hanukkah Card With the winter holidays coming soon [Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa] I designed some exciting new projects. Since the Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah, is the first of the three major holidays, I decided to design my first 2015 card.
Here’s the card and ‘how to’ tutorial…enjoy!


1. Starting with the Papetry Ink Menorah Die from the Menorah Medley Set, run a 4″x6″ piece of watercolor paper and a second piece of plain cardstock [with the Menorah Die] through your die cut machine of choice. Place the candle and flame pieces from the die randomly onto the watercolor piece around the Menorah. Run this piece through your die cut machine a second time creating a wonderful debossed texture to your card.

Note: The second die cut is for use as a stencil for the candle and flame coloration.

--> 2. Mix Creative Medium with the Glass Bead Texture Gel. Apply mixture generously to Menorah Sten…