Friday, December 4, 2015


As an Artist In Residence 2016 for ImagineCrafts /Tsukineko, I have created this tutorial featuring Creative Medium and other wonderful products to produce a unique and textured design for this MusicBox. My inspiration comes from my childhood when I collected matchboxes from every restaurant I visited. Without matches it was just an empty box but perfect for small rocks, beads, etc. One day while creating unique boxes for jewelry Presto! the idea of a greeting card was born. About 18 years ago I revisited some cards I’d made and thought, what would happen if I dismantled a large matchbox and used it for something other than storage? The answer is a Match Box Music Box. This box is Christmas-themed but these keepsake gifts can be made for any occasion.

**This tutorial may seem rather involved, but I guarantee you it’s worth the all the time, the effort and attention to detail.

 Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
Time: One Hour + drying time


1. Take a large matchbox and carefully dismantle the top piece.

2. Paint both top and bottom surface with Gesso [Black or white work best.] It may take more than one coat to cover design to your satisfaction. Cover dried box top with fabric – I used White Sticky Back Canvas. Make sure to paint Gesso along the edges to prevent

3. Now take the box and apply white Gesso. *Optional step: Apply a water-base clear varnish. This creates wonderful reflections of the inside of the box.

4. Take Music Box movement and place it in the left hand corner of the box. Mark the point where the ‘key turn’ touches the box. Take box top and wrap around box bottom and mark the same point. Make a hole in these two places – an eyelet setting tool is ideal for this task. Take a piece of patterned paper and line bottom of box. Apply a thin coating of the Creative Medium to paper using a sponge brush. Apply decorative trim of choice to both ends of the music box top.



5. Take Snowflake Stencils and Creative Medium colors to create a design on the box top both inside and outside, as desired.



6. Take Creative Medium color[s] and spread onto heavy card stock, watercolor paper or heavy Kraft paper. Allow medium to dry. Take different Snowflake die and cut numerous snowflakes from this piece of coated paper. These Snowflakes will become the decoration for the inside of the music box.
NOTE: Each snowflake should consist of at least two layers to give them strength and substance.








7. Take two Q-Tips and cut off cotton tops. Rub each paper stick in Memento Danube Blue ink mixed with a small amount of water. Let dry. Take some Creative Medium with your fingers and rub onto paper sticks. Cut sticks to different lengths and attach Snowflakes to
the ends with glue.



8. Take Music Box movement and align the key turn to the hole you made. Glue movement to the bottom of box. Apply Creative Medium to the movement itself being careful not to paint the roller. This will help make it blend better into the whole design. Then glue bottom end of Snowflake sticks into the box, as desired

9. Take top piece and wrap around the box and glue both pieces together with strong glue.

10. To finish, decide which type of closure you’re going to use. I used two Snowflake shaped buttons painted with Creative Medium Iridescent Turquoise. I attached one button to the front of the box and one to the back. A piece of metallic cord is strung from the front button closure to the back to keep the box closed tightly so the music doesn’t play until the box is opened. The key to the musical movement is attached to the back closure with another piece of elastic cord so it doesn’t get lost.



Supply List:
Creative Medium: Iridescent Turquoise, Metallic Bronze
Tsukineko Memento Dye Ink: Danube Blue
ImagineCrafts Pallette Knives

Miscellaneous: Snowflake Stencils, Snowflake Dies, Gesso, Fabric of your choice, Patterned
Paper, Ribbon, Music Box movement, Cardstock, Q-Tips, strong glue/adhesive, Elastic Cord


Hanukkah Card

With the winter holidays coming soon [Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa] I designed some exciting new projects. Since the Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah, is the first of the three major holidays, I decided to design my first 2015 card.

Here’s the card and ‘how to’ tutorial…enjoy!


1. Starting with the Papetry Ink Menorah Die from the Menorah Medley Set, run a 4″x6″ piece of watercolor paper and a second piece of plain cardstock [with the Menorah Die] through your die cut machine of choice. Place the candle and flame pieces from the die randomly onto the watercolor piece around the Menorah. Run this piece through your die cut machine a second time creating a wonderful debossed texture to your card.

Note: The second die cut is for use as a stencil for the candle and flame coloration.

2. Mix Creative Medium with the Glass Bead Texture Gel. Apply mixture generously to Menorah Stencil with Palette Knife. Carefully scrape off excess leaving a level base amount. Lift off stencil and let dry.

3. Take the piece of plain cardstock and cut off just the portion containing the candles and flames. Adhere this piece to a craft mat with washi tape. Color each candle with StazOn Studio Glaze [I also used Pico Embellishers.] When finished, use the pointed end of a VersaMark Ink Pen and rub into each candle spaces. Pour embossing powder into these spaces covering the flame holes. Undo washi tape and tap off excess embossing powder. 

4. Place finished Menorah and Candle/Flame piece behind the Menorah stencil and align so that the dry Creative Medium piece and the Candles/Flames align perfectly with the open stencil parts.  


5. Cut frame out of colored cardstock. Adhere frame over Menorah piece and place on card base with adhesive squares. This will leave the piece raised and add not only dimension, but visual interest to your finished care, as well.  Rub Memento Dye Ink color of your choice along all four edges of the card.


• irRESISTible Pico Embellisher

• All Purpose Ink for Fantastix

• Imagine Crafts Palette Knives


Papetry Ink: Menorah from the Menorah Medley die set

• Miscellaneous: Strathmore Watercolor Paper, core’dinations distress cardstock, Liquitex Glass Bead Texture Gel, Ranger Red Cinnabar Embossing Powder, Foam adhesive squares, Favorite adhesive