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Inspiration for this challenge comes from my teenage years when my family, and a
couple others, would rent a mountain cabin at Lake Arrowhead, CA during winter
break. With lots of snow and winter activities to keep us busy on most days, there was an
occasional day when we were snowed in. What did we do to pass the time, you ask?
Board Games, of course [or as we liked to call them, BORED Games.]
Here is my creation - a toy that would help even adults from going stir crazy. Created
from things one would find readily available around a mountain cabin, I hope you enjoy
giving this a try and putting your very own spin on it. Have Fun!

Difficulty: Beginner
Time Required: 45 minutes + drying time

1. Find a spool of ribbon and remove one of the cover pieces.

2. I painted the spool piece with Creative Medium – Bronze Metallic for a beautiful shine
and texture. Then I took some VersaCraft Ink [Ultramarine] and painted the top and
bottom piece. This is a thicker ink that covers cardboard well.


Being a creative person, I never did well in Math or Science in school. One of the classes I did succeed in was Creative Writing. This project’s inspiration comes from a personal place with a poem that has stayed with me long after it was composed. This tutorial is a simple one for beginners showing how to use a texture medium like Creative Medium and your favorite stencil[s.]
Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 30 minutes + drying time **************************** 1. Cut a piece of  card stock to your desired size then tape it down to your work surface/craft mat. With an Inkblusher piece, cover the card stock with a light coat of Creative Medium.

2. Once dry, find a favorite stencil and tape it down to your work surface or craft mat over the card stock piece.

3. Allow to dry. Take a poem, quote or other proverb and print on a piece of vellum. Cover the edges of the vellum with Creative Medium to your liking.Adhere vellum to a piece of card stock. Put several tiny foam stic…