Tuesday, December 20, 2016


By: Mark Melnick

With all of the commercialization of the holiday season, I thought I would use my second WHITE ON WHITE Challenge to bring the perspective back in a beautiful, creative way with this amazing Shrine piece.

Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Time Required: 90 minutes + drying time [minimum 24 hours]

Step 1.
Empty half a re-inker bottle of Cotton White STAZ-On Ink into a small container or paint palette. Paint the pieces with a stipple brush so that there are streaks in the ink - Yes, I realize this is an out-of-the-box use of ink but stay with me for the fun. Allow pieces to dry overnight [take this time to create the Copper sculpture piece] 

Step 2.
Take Copper Sheet [I do not use foil, I use 8mm Copper sheeting] and place on mold or in an embossing folder. I used a mold and created the shrine piece using a paper stump [you can create your shrine piece using whatever interests you.] I decided to use the Cross section of the mold. I allowed it to verdigris using Verday Patina Spray and setting it outside for a day or two. 

Step 3.
Take Shrine pieces that are now completely dry [very important] and cover with Delicata White Shimmer Ink using a Sponge Dauber. On the circular edge design, ‘paint’ with the brush tip of a VersaMarker.. Cover these circles with White EMBOSS Embossing Powder. Heat until the powder melts and the paint bubbles a bit for great texture. Assemble pieces. Take your Copper piece and place on back panel of Shrine. Put a small hanging bracket onto the very back piece, as well.

Step 4.
Emboss FAITH in Verdigris EMBOSS Embossing Powder along bottom edge of shrine.


IMAGINE Delicata Ink

Stipple Brush

Sponge Daubers

EMBOSS Embossing Powder

StazOn Re-inker Bottle



Other Supplies:
Ten Seconds Studio Shrine Kit, Big Daddy Mold and VerDay Patina Spray, 8mm Copper Sheeting, Paper Stump 

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