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Being a creative person, I never did well in Math or Science in school. One of the classes I did succeed in was Creative Writing. This project’s inspiration comes from a personal place with a poem that has stayed with me long after it was composed.
This tutorial is a simple one for beginners showing how to use a texture medium like Creative Medium and your favorite stencil[s.]

Difficulty: Beginner
Time Required: 30 minutes + drying time
1. Cut a piece of  card stock to your desired size then tape it down to your work surface/craft mat. With an Inkblusher piece, cover the card stock with a light coat of Creative Medium.

2. Once dry, find a favorite stencil and tape it down to your work surface or craft mat over the card stock piece.

3. Allow to dry. Take a poem, quote or other proverb and print on a piece of vellum. Cover the edges of the vellum with Creative Medium to your liking.  Adhere vellum to a piece of card stock. Put several tiny foam stickers on the bottom to add dimension. Decide placement and press onto card.

Supply List:
Creative Medium: Metallic Bronze


Pallete Knives

Miscellaneous: Card Stock, Adhesive Squares, Vellum, Stencil[s]

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